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Aiko The Anatomically Correct Doll!


Aiko Doll is anatomically correct. We have designed Aiko with an internal super soft medical grade silicone pocket.

No mold release was used on this part of the doll to keep it chemical free. The pocket is softer than the outside body. Even though we made the outer skin soft. The vag pocket is even softer to maximize realness. As seen in the picture above, the pocket has nubs. Aiko is as human as possible in her small size. The picture above shows the pocket texture, the actual pocket is tubular in shape. The pocket is 5 1/2 inches deep. The full 5 1/2 inches is open. Aiko's vag opening has been made larger than our prototype dolls. We found that this design is better. The pocket was designed with open space inside the cavity.

V Key Spine Support

The V Key as seen in the pictures below was designed to give Aiko a little more back bone support while the is inside. With the V Key in Aiko the back does not bend as much. When the V Key is removed Aiko is free to bend more but still has plenty of support from her double spine design. The double spine design allows for more space inside her V Pocket. Use a little lube on the V Key before insertion.

Aiko's anatomical abilities have been fully tested and come up with a A+ score. Aiko's skin and pocket are very stretchable working well with her sturdy AI Frame. Aiko can handle many poses and positions.

AikoDoll AikoDoll

V Pocket Opening

Below are some pictures that demo Aiko's V Pocket abilities. The test tool used to go inside Aiko is 9 inches long, it goes in her a full 5 1/2 inches.

AikoDoll AikoDoll AikoDoll AikoDoll AikoDoll AikoDoll AikoDoll

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