Doll Care for new owners and for those considering purchasing one too.
Aiko is great for play and enjoyment. Be sure to handle her with care and don't be to rough on her. She is made to withstand a bit of abuse but be kind and remember she is very small and tiny. She is strong and made with a new design. Aiko was designed so that you can change her eyes and wig. If you want to change her eyes remove the wig and the head cap. Then you can replace the eyes.

Aiko Care
Silicone Skin Each Aiko 63cm is made of Marshmallow Soft Pure Platinum Medical Grade Silicone and from a hand sculpted original. Each doll is carefully hand made with a special silicone New redesigned mold system for fine seam lines. There will be some small beauty marks on her body. These are not avoidable and are part of the making process. These are not defects. We inspect every doll before it is approved and release to the customer. Keep in mind with our new mold proccess quality of a finished Aiko 63cm doll is of a high standard. Aiko 63cm comes with under waer top and bottom. Aiko's silicone skin is soft to the touch. To make her skin smoother you can use some baby powder over her body. Be careful if you use powder on her face around her custom makeup. Aiko may need to take a bath once in a while. To do this you should remove all her clothes and head. Wash her with shampoo or dish soap then dry her with a dust free towel. After she is dry you can give her the baby powder treatment her skin will then be silky smooth.

Aiko Body Softness
The Aiko body is made of soft silicone which is a Shape-memory product. If Aiko wears tight clothes or you sit her down on a flat surface for prolonged periods of time, her bottom cheeks for example may become flat - all you need to do is stand her up or lay her down and her body will return to its original shape.

Hair Care
The wig fits on the head firmly and sticks to the silicone head cap, so you should not have any issue with the hair moving around or falling off. You can brush, rubber band, or braid Aiko's hair. You also can use a hair dryer on high heat to form the hair any way you want. We style the hair then use a hair net to keep it in place before we use the hair dryer. Always comb Aiko's hair from the bottom to the top so it does not tangle. To put on Aiko's wig you will want to turn the hair inside out then place it on the head and roll it over the head turning it right side in. This way will help you to not mess up the make-up.

Aiko is not child safe
Aiko is not for children. Aiko is for 18 and over people. She is made of small parts like the eyes that can be a chocking hazard.

Some Final Thoughts
All Aiko's joints have a natural way they move - if you feel resistance then it may mean to stop and not try to force the movement any further. Make sure you use a clean dust or lint free towel when you dry Aiko after a bath. To remove Aiko's head hold her head firmly just behind her ears and pull it upward. The head is made in two parts, face and head cap. The head cap cannot be removed until the head is off the body. The neck post goes through the neck and then through the head cap.