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Aiko Doll

Aiko Doll aka Aiko Kobiyashi

Released in February 2015, Aiko Doll is a 60cm tall articulated silicone anatomically correct doll, designed sculpted and manufactured in California USA. Released in June 2016, Aiko Doll (Aiko80) our 80cm tall articulated silicone anatomically correct doll.

Aiko Dolls are created after anime character Aiko Kobiyashi. Aiko 60cm is offered with the choice of two faces Aiko and Miko and Aiko 80cm with one.

Aiko Doll is a fully articulated doll with a sturdy internal frame called the AI Frame. Aiko has an anatomically correct anatomy.


How to Buy

Since the release of Aiko Doll in Feb 2015 we have received a large amount of positive feedback about Aiko Doll. If you here at our site then you are most likely interested in buying and Aiko Doll. I am sure you will enjoy Aiko as much as many other do around the world. Please read through our site learn a bit about Aiko and how we created her. Oh then order one for yourself!

I want to be sure you understand what you get and how Aiko is made. So read on!

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A New Style of Doll

Were a long time small family run business making 60cm resin ball joint dolls. We felt it was time to try something new, after seeing some stories of other doll makers making the same size dolls out of plastic and vinyl. We wanted to make a doll that is unique and has not been available to the public till now.

Aiko Doll comes alive! We wanted to be one of the first to hand make a cute silicone doll like Aiko. Aiko's not made like other dolls where parts are pressed out of a machine by the hundreds. Aiko Dolls are hand sculpted and hand assembled beauties. To make each doll there is a lot of time and love put into every aspect of her creation. From all the prep work to the final soft human like silicone skin finished Aiko Doll.

Anitomically Correct Aiko Doll

Yes Aiko is anitomically correct and fully functional. Go to the Love Doll link above for details and pictures. Aiko uses a double spine frame technology called the AI Frame.

As of today Aiko has connected many people around the world who may have never met if it was not for the small cute doll. Aiko brings smiles to many every where she goes.

Aiko Doll Body

The Aiko body houses a custom made designed Artifical Intelligent Frame on the inside. This allows her to move in many ways just like a human. AikoDoll

Miko Doll

Meet Aiko's sister Miko. Miko features a whole new look with an open mouth. The Aiko and Miko face fits on the standard 60cm body. AikoDoll

Miko Bronze

Miko in a beautiful bronze color. Features a whole new look with an open mouth. Choose your favorite doll on the BuyNow page. AikoDoll AikoDoll

AI Frame

Aiko Doll Internal Skeleton. Aiko Doll has a hand set AI Frame inside her silicone body. The anatomically correct Aiko Doll uses a double spine AI Frame. The AI Frame is made from PLA and is considered a 'earth friendly' plastic, biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources. PLA is recognized for its high strength, hardness and rigidity.

A combination of PLA parts and All-Thread Stainless rods make up the frame.

The spine has unique ball and socket Joints to give Aiko 60cm and 80cm the ability to move in a wide range of motion.

The parts for the AI Frame are designed and manufactured in California USA by us.


Aiko Natural Skin Body

Aiko's Body is made of silicone to give her that real human feel and look. The Aiko Doll was designed to have that beautiful slender full figure look. We wanted her to look just like Our Aiko Kobiyashi Character, and she does with a bit of a pouty lips. Aiko is soft to the touch and her body feels just like real skin.

Aiko Doll has long legs, wide hips and a full Bust.


Aiko 60cm Measurements

Weight approx 4 lbs

Eyes 16mm

Height 57cm approx 23 inches

Head Circumference about 20.5cm

Wig Size 7-8

Neck Circumference 9 cm

Chest Circumference 24.5 cm

Breast Dia 11 cm

Shoulder Width 24.5 cm

Circumference of waist 17.5 cm

Circumference of Hip 26 cm

Arm Length 22 cm

Leg Length 31 cm

Thigh Circumference 16 cm

Feet Length 6.5 cm

Ankle 7 cm

Calf 9.5 cm

Aiko 80cm Measurements

Weight approx 9 lbs

Eyes 16mm

Height 80cm approx 31 inches

Head Circumference about 27cm

Neck Circumference 12.5 cm

Wig Size 10-11

Chest Circumference 36.0 cm

Shoulder Width 17 cm

Circumference of waist 23 cm

Circumference of Hip 36 cm

Arm Length 31 cm

Leg Length 40 cm inseam down

Calf 25 Length cm

Calf Circumference 14 cm

Feet Length 10 cm

Ankle 9 cm

Posable Aiko

Aiko is designed for looks and poseability.

We wanted Aiko to be able to move and pose in many ways.

A whole lot of thought had to go into getting Aiko's body movement just right. Aiko has a human like skeletal system. Not the easiest thing to do with a doll of this small size. Months of testing and planning went into the creation of all the parts needed to give Aiko that movement she now has.

Aiko is now free to express herself in many ways through movement.

AikoDoll AikoDoll

16mm Eyes

Aiko 60cm has nice big 16mm eyes. Aiko 80cm also has 16mm eyes. You can choose from many colors.



Aiko Doll comes with hand applied quality silicone makeup. It is not sprayed on or stamped. It is done just like a human would do by hand.

We have changed from using real makeup to using silicone makeup. Our change is by your request, the new silicone makeup will last the life of the doll. Along with the new makeup comes eyelashes, this is with Aiko 80cm only. Both Aiko 60cm and 80cm will come with silicone makeup, only Aiko80 with eyelashes.

AikoDoll AikoDoll

Wigs for Aiko

Aiko Doll comes with the wig color of your choosing. You can style the hair any way you want to give your Aiko that special look.

Aiko head size is 20.5cm or wig size 7-8.


Packing and Shipping

DISCREET SHIPPING Plain White Outer Box and discreet label

All packing and shipping is done in our shop. There are so many things to do and use when it comes to producing a product like Aiko. Our shop if full of a variety of materials we have to use. Even the AI Frame has its own dedicated space where we can work on the assembly of the parts. All Aiko sales are processed through PayPal. Our PayPal email is CLA7000@hotmail.com You are welcome to contact us any time with your questions.

AikoDoll AikoDoll

Aiko Doll Care for new owners and for those considering purchasing one too.

Aiko is great for posing and taking photos. Be sure to handle her with care and don't be to rough on her. She is made to withstand a bit of abuse but be kind and remember she is very small and tiny.

Aiko does not like the heat so don't put her out in the sun for prolonged periods and definitely do not leave her in the hot sun for a long time.

Aiko was designed so that you can change her eyes and wig. If her eyes come loose (unlikely but possible) then just remove the wig and the head cap. Then you can push the eyes back into place and replace the head cap and the wig.

Aiko Care

Silicone Skin

Each Aiko Doll is made of silicone from a hand sculpted original. Each doll is carefully hand made with a special silicone mold system. There may be some small beauty marks on her body. There are 8 small dots on each doll, these are not avoidable and are part of the making process. These are not defects. We inspect every doll before it is approved and release to the customer.

Due to the nature of the soft silicone material that Aiko is made of, dark fabric colors may stain on her skin after left on for long periods of time, so do not dress her in anything dark before washing the fabric. Just so you know we have had any Aiko dolls dressed in our shop and have not had any come up with stains. We just want you to be aware that this could happen.

Aiko does come with a bikini. Aiko with jeans and a T-shirt can be ordered as a set.

Its important to mention there will be small dots at the shoulders, wrist, knees and ankles which I have been approved. As stated above they are part of the making process.

Aiko's silicone skin is soft to the touch, be sure to treat her with care just as if she were alive and very tiny. What I mean is she is made strong but you need to treat her with care. To make her skin smoother you can use some baby powder over her body. Be careful if you use powder on her face around her custom makeup. Aiko may need to take a bath once in a while. To do this you should remove all her clothes and head. Wash her with shampoo or dish soap then dry her with a dust free towel. After she is dry you can give her the baby powder treatment her skin will be silky smooth.

Aiko Body Movement

While the AI Frame is made of sturdy PLA and the outer skin of soft silicone, Aiko is still a delicate girl so please be gentle with her and don't put excessive force on any part of her body. Remember that her legs bend at the knees more than 90°. I designed the knees this way. Do not over bend her at any joint. You will feel her telling you to stop. It will not be easy to break her but use common care with her.

The jeans that can be ordered for Aiko are a bit of a tight fit - the reason is because I designed the jeans to show off her body line and long legs. When you want to sit her down, you may need to grasp her thighs and hip - this makes it easier to let her sit down. Powder her body this will make her jeans go on with ease.

The Aiko body is made of soft silicone which is a Shape-memory product. If Aiko wears tight clothes or you sit her down on a flat surface for prolonged periods of time, her bottom cheeks for example may become flat - all you need to do is stand her up or lay her down and her body will return to its original shape.

If the head seems loose, it may have moved up along the neck joint or post. Hold the head firmly and move the head downwards. Always make sure the neck is in an upright position or it looks like Aiko is slouching. Never bend Aiko more than she bends naturally.

Hair Care

The wig fits on the head firmly and sticks to the silicone head cap, so you should not have any issue with the hair moving around or falling off.

You can brush, rubber band, or braid Aiko's hair. You also can use a hair dryer on high heat to form the hair any way you want. We style the hair then use a hair net to keep it in place before we use the hair dryer.

Always comb Aiko's hair from the bottom to the top so it does not tangle.

To put on Aiko's wig you will want to turn the hair inside out then place it on the head and roll it over the head turning it right side in. This way will help you to not mess up the make-up.

Aiko is not child safe

Aiko is not for children. Aiko is for 18 and over people. She is made of small parts like the eyes that can be a chocking hazard.

Some Final Thoughts

If you find her body has a stain after leaving clothes on her for long period of time it may fade out over time or you can give Aiko a bath to see if it comes out.

All Aiko's joints have a natural way they move - if you feel resistance then it may mean to stop and not try to force the movement any further.

Make sure you use a clean dust or lint free towel when you dry Aiko after a bath.

To remove Aiko's head hold her head firmly just behind her ears and pull it upward. The head is made in two parts, face and head cap. The head cap cannot be removed until the head is off the body. The neck post goes through the neck and then through the head cap.


Aiko makes people happy everyday all around the world. We will continue to send Aiko out to everyone who has captured the Aiko vision and dream in their hearts. Doll lovers who want a human as possible doll like Aiko well her she is!

Aiko is a work and form of art! And not just another vinyl or plastic toy. We will continue our quest to make Aiko better with innovative ideas and vision for the future.

AikoDoll AikoDoll

Aiko Kobiyashi

We have been working on the Aiko Doll project for over two years. Its been a long journey. After hearing from all of you who made Aiko a part of your lives we know why we did it. Aiko is a much needed doll because of her very special features. Thank you to all who have confirmed what we thought so long ago. Aiko brings smiles to everyone who holds her close to their hearts.

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